21 Nov

overslept again.

I SWEAR with all my heart i wanted to attend 1 hour of lecture today.

Instead, i woke up to find that i only have 10 mins to get ready before meeting my supervisor. Was suppose to print my graph and show him but didnt managed to. Haha. That depicts how enthusiastic i am about my research:P

DId a LIL shopping today. Cos it was Hari Kebesaran Shianyi. Sales were everywhere, so i decided to join in the fun. I better keep myself confined in my room next time.haha.

Oh and before i forget,

to my most favourite ipoh housemate,

HAPPY 23RD boofday ahyi!!!

LOVE U LOTS. and hope u like ur pressies!!..XOXOXOXOXOXO

img_2927whoa she tried so hard to look surprised:P

img_3027erm she was so high she gave the cake a BLOWJOB? *shakes head*

hope u had a great bday darliiinng:)

5 Responses to “I..”

  1. shian at 10:06 pm #

    eh…wut does my bday haf to do wif ur shopping? LOL swt…
    n ho, how could u….how could u….how am i to face the world wif tat blowjob pic? sigh gone la, banana was supposed to be ONLY your thing ok LOL

    neway thx so much for the “surprise” and pressies!! luv u muaxxx!!

  2. thian87 at 7:49 pm #

    don’t worry ah yi!
    it’s still ah yen’s performance!!!
    she can do it WELL, and i mean it, really WELL. lol.

    runaway and hide under her comfy duvet*

    love both of u :):)

  3. yewjinn at 12:16 am #

    blowjob???must be ur idea!

  4. huiyen at 2:04 pm #

    ehh nooo!! it wasnt. it was on her own initiative

  5. shian at 7:05 pm #

    eh apa own initiative??? u’re the one who bought the bananas LOL…thx thian, u know us best haha

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