last few ones this year..

26 Dec

Ive already lost count how many cakes made their way into my expanding tummy. Or how much steamboats/potluck/bday dinners i’ve gone to. We indeed have an overload of year end babies here. I myself is no exception i must say:P

What to do. many many years back our parents could only find time to AHEM on Valentines day or Chinese New Year prolly:P

First up,

we had JacQ darling, my adorable neighbour. It was her 21st. Sigh everybody is just turning 21 i have no muka to blog about my *cough* 23rd *cough* bday:P but i spent most part of it in bed after that. dont get me wrong hehe. it was the evil cold bug:P



we even lit up the xmas tree:)


yes the dress code was red



looked like she loves her pressies:)

Then came Mr. Yuan’s big day..

It was more like a bday cum xmas celebration.:) Had dinner in Edwards then proceeded to his gaily decorated home for another surprise. He was well surprised. Even more surprised when he received his bday gifts:)




fooling around with the party props.hehe


the big boy



2 cakes in a night. how lucky is that?


he seemed to be utterly pleased with his pressie


he had to give his gf a big fat hug right after he read the card.


aint he the luckiest man in the world?:P


his xmas tree cum bday card

We had to leave to surprise another bday girl. my lovely neighbour Jamie.


img_6632ooo. ganas:P

3 cakes in a night. how insane was that? we were all definitely high on sugar that night.:P

Now that my neighbours are already gone on their holidays, the immense quietness that surrounds the house is overwhelming. In other words, i miss them. Have fun peeps!!!

And not to forget, hope everyone had a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


One Response to “last few ones this year..”

  1. yewjinn December 27, 2008 at 10:12 pm #

    dat chelsea cake and chelsea fc membership….omfg…that was a very thoughtful gift…bravo senorita

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