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winter CNY

25 Jan

Heres wishing  EVERYONE a

happy and prosperous

OX  year…


ice ice babeh

18 Jan

In order to compensate for our failed trip to Salzburg and our cravings  to ski we headed to Aviemore yesterday.

It was amazing that i didnt end up in the lake far yonder at the foot of the mountain despite having only 2++ hours of sleep the night before.

Pls ignore our ugly rented jumpsuits. We dont ski in style. These suits at least kept us really warm at minus 12 degrees. It was so cold i wouldn’t know if my nose comes off:P

img_0562in the bus


all geared up


waiting for the train


camwhore camwhore


more camwhores


our training ground



all lined up for our turn:P


flora took me on a ride:P


we were blown away


snowstorm at 70mph. siao babi i could hardly keep my heads on


had some free time before the bus is due to arrive so played with our poles:P

p1040302still fooling around.


p1250728group pics:)

wanted to post a video on flo pole dancing but i reckon i wont be able to walk out of my unit alive so yeah. will show the video on request.haha

I want to go bac. i could only almost slow ski.haha. I need more practice. I love the fear and adrenaline and excitement.Me want more cash!

Hola frm the lab

15 Jan


last night..

Was on my way to work after i took off for 10days. I love my boss for not sacking me yet:P talk about dedication:P

or rather, the lack of it

Half my legs were wet after a stupid ferrari-wannabe car drove through a puddle, with me standing right next to it! So much for my first day back at work. Almost wanted to throw my shoes in the oven. I was FREEZING ok!!

It had been nice working with Rahul, was really free so we chatted away. Was enlightened by all his stories abroad.  And treated ourselves to some cookies. Oatmeal raisin is my new fav. gosh i feel like im cheating on my double choc:P

Brought back sandwich and cookies and feasted at Steph’s with luiyan and carol around as well. Huibee almost murdered me for stuffing her with meatballs at 11pm.LOL. Had fun fantasizing over properties that will never be ours, its almost surreal.

And gossipin.

Girls will be girls. Better not critisize too much though, what goes around comes around. Normally u wont be with someone u have designed in your fantasies.

The complete opposite is what you will get. And u will just settle when time comes. Its cruel but its fate.

Right now, im staring at my fat and stout ileum doing its thang. I hate the 15mins interval after each drug addition. Lieo juiun suggested monopoly and i asked him to enlighten me with his kinky stories.

I am still waiting.

Sigh everyone looked so glum. Lab day 11. Four sessions to go. I wonder if im gonna miss it.

For now, i cant wait to run back to the comforts of my duvet, and the not-so-hot warmth of my heater and talk to my sis. I enjoy laughing at her:P

Till then, toodles!

two oh oh nine

5 Jan

2008 was definitely a year ive cruised through, not easily i must say, many tears were shed, many times i was pushed to the breaking point, but nothing beats the laughter i shared with the ppl i love:)

Honestly when the clock strike 12 in london i didnt even feel the transition. Clad in my bulky clothes i was more worried about my numbed toes and frozen fingers. LOL.And how to get thru to the tube station and go back. Basically i spent the first 2 hours of 2009 pushing my way through crowds and toured part of london looking for an open tube station that was admissible. No more countdowns for me. At least not when the temperature is subzero.

Special thanks to ah glen for accomodating us monkeys and also for the kolo mee and sarawak laksa 🙂 And finishing the liquor on our behalf.LOL. We girls dont get drunk so easily..haha

Well, my resolution this year..

  1. MUST graduate. be a PHARMACIST
  2. Die die also must go to Santorini, Amsterdam and Barcelona
  3. Watch more musicals. Phantom of The Opera was amazing. The theatrics and orchestra and everything is just mindblowing:)
  4. Learn how to accept the flaws of others. And myself.
  5. Reduce the frequency of uhm things i say that give ppl the wrong idea. I need to be nun-ish:P
  6. Earn more cash=more bags, shoes, lens etc
  7. Must friggin lose weight.
  8. Talk less shit
  9. Buy my first car with my own money.
  10. and i might just..well..nvm..tell you next year:P

Have a GREAT year ahead everybody!!