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two oh oh nine

5 Jan

2008 was definitely a year ive cruised through, not easily i must say, many tears were shed, many times i was pushed to the breaking point, but nothing beats the laughter i shared with the ppl i love:)

Honestly when the clock strike 12 in london i didnt even feel the transition. Clad in my bulky clothes i was more worried about my numbed toes and frozen fingers. LOL.And how to get thru to the tube station and go back. Basically i spent the first 2 hours of 2009 pushing my way through crowds and toured part of london looking for an open tube station that was admissible. No more countdowns for me. At least not when the temperature is subzero.

Special thanks to ah glen for accomodating us monkeys and also for the kolo mee and sarawak laksa 🙂 And finishing the liquor on our behalf.LOL. We girls dont get drunk so easily..haha

Well, my resolution this year..

  1. MUST graduate. be a PHARMACIST
  2. Die die also must go to Santorini, Amsterdam and Barcelona
  3. Watch more musicals. Phantom of The Opera was amazing. The theatrics and orchestra and everything is just mindblowing:)
  4. Learn how to accept the flaws of others. And myself.
  5. Reduce the frequency of uhm things i say that give ppl the wrong idea. I need to be nun-ish:P
  6. Earn more cash=more bags, shoes, lens etc
  7. Must friggin lose weight.
  8. Talk less shit
  9. Buy my first car with my own money.
  10. and i might just..well..nvm..tell you next year:P

Have a GREAT year ahead everybody!!