ice ice babeh

18 Jan

In order to compensate for our failed trip to Salzburg and our cravings  to ski we headed to Aviemore yesterday.

It was amazing that i didnt end up in the lake far yonder at the foot of the mountain despite having only 2++ hours of sleep the night before.

Pls ignore our ugly rented jumpsuits. We dont ski in style. These suits at least kept us really warm at minus 12 degrees. It was so cold i wouldn’t know if my nose comes off:P

img_0562in the bus


all geared up


waiting for the train


camwhore camwhore


more camwhores


our training ground



all lined up for our turn:P


flora took me on a ride:P


we were blown away


snowstorm at 70mph. siao babi i could hardly keep my heads on


had some free time before the bus is due to arrive so played with our poles:P

p1040302still fooling around.


p1250728group pics:)

wanted to post a video on flo pole dancing but i reckon i wont be able to walk out of my unit alive so yeah. will show the video on request.haha

I want to go bac. i could only almost slow ski.haha. I need more practice. I love the fear and adrenaline and excitement.Me want more cash!

2 Responses to “ice ice babeh”

  1. zv at 12:18 pm #

    hey girl. it was an amazing ski trip that you had.. Geez, i never dare to ski so i never ski before. but with all those fun that i saw from the pictures that you took, it looks like skiing isn´t a bad adventure at all..
    i´m still in germany so let me know if you are dropping by for a visit.

    lots of luv

  2. sannie at 2:25 am #

    yerr….syok lor u went skiing…
    =D syok lar hor…
    u look like cartoon wearing the jumpsuit…hahaha!!!

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