Rome city of Ruin

22 Feb

The title says it all. U see replica of the ruins in Roman Forum all over the city. Felt like i was transported to another era when i was here. It was as though our history books came alive.

First day we walked around after duping the guesthouse we booked originally. It was disgustingly dirty and the sheets were not even changed since the previous customer. Or previous previous *yikes*

We got some help from a very nice internet cafe man who speaks English and introduced us another B&B.Albeit a little pricey, the place was fab! Not to mention the hot guy who manages the place.:P shit i dun even remember his name


The very very cute granny who talks very excitedly. In Italian only. It was like duck talking to chicken when we try to respond:P


Spanish Steps.It was friggin HOT and crowded.

img_7498Fontana di Trevi. Throw one coin and u will return to Rome. 2 for a new romance and 3 wedding or divorce. i think i threw more than that.LOL


look who we found here.


With Pantheon-Temple of all the Gods

Next up, Colosseum, largest ever amphitheater ever built during the Roman Empire as well as a battle ground for the entertainment of the public and royalties.

It was also an inspiration of our camwhore fetish:P






Look who we found again. talk about coincidence!



The remains of temples, basilicas and shops of Roman forum which was the hub of political activities, religion and trading, etc back then. Its a pity that these buildings were beyond unrecognizable after being devastated by fire a long time ago.




I resisted posting another Karen’s kambing pics. Meiwen did her enough damage already last time LOL




Spot the difference

img_8040 poser i know:P

img_8053She has a tendency to flap her long arms




In latin. It means “The Senate and Roman People”

After dinner we went back to the Colosseum for the night view.


img_8168i was FORCED to do this.

Adios, frm the terroristo…


One Response to “Rome city of Ruin”

  1. renu February 23, 2009 at 2:48 pm #

    how can u not remember his name. it is marco. i think ;-p. but i totally remember how hot he was. phew! ha ha ha

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