Vatican City

22 Feb

We queued for almost 40mins to get into the buildings surrounded by these concrete walls. We had so much time waiting we had to do something productive.


another poser

and the sky was impossibly blue that day…and yet

img_8229this girl’s thermoregulation has gone haywire:P


bored was written all over my face haha


i dont remember what obelisk this was. Everybody was just taking pictures with it so we followed suit.

on our way to the famed Sistine Chapel through a maze of Vatican museums and the picture galleries. The paintings and designs u see on the ceilings and walls are just breathtaking..Most were painted to exude 3d effects. How cool is that.



and some art pieces we ppl dont know how to appreciate. All we could say was ‘ thats nice’, ‘aww pretty!’ etc.



the balcony in the centre is where the Pontiff imparts blessing to the faithfuls who throng this place.


St. Peter’s chair done by Bernini ( the gold seat in the middle not those wooden ones:P)

img_8552Famous Michaelangelo’s statue of the dead body of Christ lying on the lap of his Mother



swiss guards. the color reminded me of one of meiwen’s scarf ahah



Some random cute tourists:)


That wraps up Italy…We huddled OUTSIDE the Rome Ciampino airport for the whole night in the cold and i swear thats the worst experience ever. Esp holding the bladder part PPfttttt…When morning finally beckoned…

Off we go to….



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