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leaving on a jet plane. soon

25 Jun

so yeah, for the first time while everyone was out shopping at Zara sales, im STUCK at home with my lappie cos i have massive logistic probs. I can foresee the next few days stressing over packing my stuffs and unpacking em. wth, am I gonna spend my last few days in Glasgow like that blueks.

This time next week i will probably be feasting on hawker’s delicacies in my ol town. wheeeee~~~

and oh btw, GREECE was amazingly breathtaking. No pics can do the place any justice. I miss all the little tofu houses in Santorini and Mykonos. And the sunset. And hot Greek guys. And the seafood..oo la la

this place tops all the places ive been to.No one can say no to beeeutiful islands:)

Will blog abt it if i can EVER find time..toodles:) Time to stress over my lugagge again:P

DSC_0369 (2)