Archive | July, 2009
14 Jul

when the boy is sick he desires the pillow more than me pftttt

i have evidence k


hes gonna get it when he recovers. ngek ngek

back to bolehland

7 Jul

So yea, ive been home for almost a week and practically ate everything there is to eat. id better stop or else i would have to revamp my whole wardrobe haha.

And yea ive not seen the boy for precisely two friggin days and i already miss him. I am so not looking forward to work why cant it rain cash and everybody does not have to go to work anymore and live happily ever after eeesh.

Im still taking naps during midnight and sleep at wee hours in the morning sigh hello brain ure back in malaysia stop screwing up my sleep hours like this can or not zzzz..

And ive lost temporary interest in shopping. i reiterate, TEMPORARY. maybe i still miss Buchanan and Argyle i have not picked up the mood here yet. haha. everybody must be heaving with relief:P

human beings in BM pls drag me out of my hse i promise i will try to be entertaining:P haha