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where is the love

10 Dec

An uncle walked in confused with all his hpt,ihd and diabetes medications. He didnt know what was for what. After explaining to him and labelling his meds in kickasss huge handwriting and how to take them, the uncle suddenly told me, ‘sejak makan ubat ini semua, pakcik tak ada tenaga’.

i wondered for awhile what could he possibly mean. I did not know how to ask if its sexual dysfunction delicately.Cos it could be due to his beta-blocker.  So i asked him if its lethargy. He said no.’pakcik tak ada tenaga batin, waktu malam tu lah. tenaga itu la. bila makcik nak bermanja dan bergurau, pakcik tak ada mood, tak cukup tenaga.’

And he was too embarassed to tell the doc. Cos shes a chinese lady. For a moment i thought, huh, am i not one? Minus the doc part. That aside, the pakcik broke down and cried. In front of me.

‘ Saya tak mau makcik salah faham pakcik tak sayang dia lagi. Kamu faham kan, orang tua juga mesti ada kasih sayang. Pakcik sayang makcik, tapi tak cukup tenaga batin. Dulu pakcik askar, memang kuat. Sekarang pakcik malulah.Ini sakit, itu sakit. Bila pakcik malu, pakcik keluar dengan kawan kawan. Takut nanti makcik pula salah faham pakcik berfoya. Cik fahamkan, perempuan memang lebih sensitif.’

He was telling me all these between sobs.

I talked to him a little while sumore and gave him a few options to overcome his probs.

He felt much better when he left the counselling room.

I made a conclusion, his wife is one lucky woman to have a man who still loves her so much at this age. And undertands so perfectly how a woman is like. Envious gila