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of being away from civilisation

20 Jan

Yes, its been more than 4 months.

Which means ive done 1/3 of my PRP year. And i’ve wished that the year would come to an end since my first day of work.

4 months of being away from skyscrapers, shopping malls and fancy eateries (during weekdays nia la). It has definitely pushed my sanity to the limit not having all these ‘kemudahan’ i used to take for granted when i was surrounded by them. I used to love Penang but ive not been driven to the state of desperation of wanting to go back EVERY weekend when I was still studying in KL. Honestly, even Shah Alam was alright.

I dont exactly love my job so being away from home makes me hate it even more.

I dont mind playing my role as a pharmacist but if my weekends are sucked away doing gotong royong for the hosp, nonsensical ceramahs and what nots i think thats just pure rubbish. Im not even learning anything.

Maybe im not a sawah padi girl. I hate to live in deprivation. I feel inadequate. Im still too young to be living in a slow town. If im 60 then maybe its a different story. For the time being, i just want to be home:(

on a happier note, payday is in 5 days time..wooohooo!!