of being away from civilisation

20 Jan

Yes, its been more than 4 months.

Which means ive done 1/3 of my PRP year. And i’ve wished that the year would come to an end since my first day of work.

4 months of being away from skyscrapers, shopping malls and fancy eateries (during weekdays nia la). It has definitely pushed my sanity to the limit not having all these ‘kemudahan’ i used to take for granted when i was surrounded by them. I used to love Penang but ive not been driven to the state of desperation of wanting to go back EVERY weekend when I was still studying in KL. Honestly, even Shah Alam was alright.

I dont exactly love my job so being away from home makes me hate it even more.

I dont mind playing my role as a pharmacist but if my weekends are sucked away doing gotong royong for the hosp, nonsensical ceramahs and what nots i think thats just pure rubbish. Im not even learning anything.

Maybe im not a sawah padi girl. I hate to live in deprivation. I feel inadequate. Im still too young to be living in a slow town. If im 60 then maybe its a different story. For the time being, i just want to be home:(

on a happier note, payday is in 5 days time..wooohooo!!

4 Responses to “of being away from civilisation”

  1. hotmoomoo at 2:20 pm #

    awwwwwwwww… i feel u…

    the working environment is getting more horrible by days… the more u know in sense of things like politics, people, bosses… i really despise every nonsensical rules and regulations being unnecesarily imposed.

    work’s a life sucker. period.


    and i dont know what will happen if suddenly i have the time to.

    i have been away from civilisations too… ward department’s life sucker. but some doctors are cute. the only incentive. cheh wah gatal-nya… ok la… ward’s fine. patients make my day sometimes. i love ’em.

    say yay to pay day… no time to even buy red panties for cny 😦

  2. yihui at 12:30 pm #

    i really wish all of us can gather and talk for nights and nights and nights…life sucks…no sense of satisfaction..getting more and more demotivated…dozen of sleepless nights are natural fertilizer for pimples…and politics, babiness….argh….

  3. yen at 2:24 am #

    yea it sucks that my whole life revolves around how much i hate my job. or rather. job’s location. they correlate with each other dont they? and yesss.. i miss midnight chats where we can eat dessert and camwhore and chat the whole night away till wee hours in the morning without a SINGLE worry. Uni was so good. too good.i never knew i would miss it that much:(

  4. hotmoomoo at 11:32 am #

    you are darn right. how i wish i could just skip my work….

    i am hating every bits of it now.

    dah la posted to ward department, the busiest one of all… like its not bad enough i have a total of 3 presentations clashing time with my ward rotation. n just imagine 3 presentations to 3-4 anne boyters… killer killer!

    can see holes all over me…

    n after clerking cases at work…go home have to read up for presentations and sometimes for things u encounter at ward…

    information overloaded. i feel like exploding alreadyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy….

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