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Yes im still alive

3 Jan

Sorry for my 8 months hiatus.
I cant find anything to type about because i dwell too much in my unhappiness in miserable perlis if i were to blog every post would sound like ‘ I Hate Perlis’ or ‘ Perlis is so Pathetic’.

So yea, my high hopes to leave Perlis was crushed when both my application and appeal to go back to my beloved hometown failed due to to the gov’s laziness to do ‘pergerakan jawatan’ end of the year. Its funny how these sloths made this reason sounded so reasonable.

Well, I’ve given up being pissed with the gov, it gives me nightmares and unnecessary anger and im sorry if i had vented out these disappointments and anger to innocent ppl around me.

I honestly do missed all my collegues in hospital. They are the best collegues in the whole world. I dont know where else i can find such helpful, selfless collegues if not here. Even though now we are now scattered all over the peninsula, hope everyone is doing well and hope we can meet up and bergossip someday:)

So yea, now im thrown out of the hospital, in Klinik Kesihatan Simpang Empat which is right opposite the river. How therapeutic.:P
Kak Ch’ng ( my dispenser) once told me, since im just waiting to get transferred, might as well go to kk rather than staying in hosp. At least i get to learn how to do management and run the pharmacy rather than just doing routine work under some boss’ preying eyes. She was right. But that means more work since im the only pharmacist there:(..I am still new to keeping up with stock movement deadlines, shopping for meds, reports, endless statistics, MTAC, etc…zzz…I also have to be in charge of another kk nearby and 5 klinik desa god help me i suddenly feel like 365 days in a year is not gonna be enough. I am not complaining. Being able to get out of the hosp is a change i needed. Being busy means i have no time to think how much i hate Perlis haha.

I dont have new year resolution. Just one wish; I hope i can get out of this place soon! I mustve been naughty last year thats why santa didnt grant my wish:P

I hope this year will be a better and wiser year for all of us.:)

ps; i will try to be less cranky during pms and torture you on monthly basis :P. WILL TRY😛