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a letter to the 16 year old me

2 Jan

Was browsing through my dashboard and guess what i found.. I totally forgot a post i composed months ago during its hype so here goes…

Dear sixteen year old me,

Just thought you might be interested to know what has happened in the next 10+1 years of your life..

U will spend the beginning of being sweet sixteen getting excited all over the FIRST leather grey crocodile wallet u are gonna get for your birthday ( which was later replaced by a pastel pink wallet you are going to buy in Spore which is more ‘in’ a few years later), U had sweet friends (you know who you are) who actually came over to give you a surprise celebration which ended up with See Mei falling into the drain to save your cake.

Form four will be a difficult year for you as u will struggle with your playful self and deteriorating grades. You will also have a crush on someone who equally had the hots for you and the next thing you know, u will look forward to every tuition class just to see him and exchange notes ( think msn on A4 paper, not real notes duh!) Things will come to a halt pretty quickly when your nerd side takes over and u decide to fully concentrate on your studies after getting nagged by parents and teachers. But you will still remain friends with this guy until today.He is also going to be the reason you are what you are going to be in the future (whether he knows it or not)

And do not fret over your imperfect trials’ grades because u are going to score an awesome straight A1’s which was to everyone’s disbelief LOL. You are going to be in utter shock for the next few weeks and also thanked Buddha at the same time for the fruitful last minute revisions. You will also be very confused to where and what you want to do next. And when u think that you have settled comfortably in Form Six, JPA will tell you that you have secured their scholarship to do a pharmacy twinning program in IMU.

And that, have changed the whole course of your life from the usual form6-public university path that you initially intended to do.
And you will be very thankful to that ‘ form 4 friend’ i mentioned earlier for telling you about the scholarship during a casual MRIC session.(or was it ICQ i cant remember?) but you will find out soon enough:).

And then everything will be a hazy blur as you prepare all the documents needed and say goodbyes and pack your luggage in one week to INTEC, Shah Alam to do your A-Levels. And in the midst of everything your affection will also be torn between two guys which in the end will lead to heartbreaks and you will be called names like ‘tiau keh’ or playgirl after that.

U will also cry on the first week in Shah Alam due to cultural shock but u will make great friends that will last till today and probably forever. (you know who you are). But soon enough, the perks of shopping and the freedom you get being away from home will catch up with you. You will spend ALMOST every weekend in Midvalley or Sunway Pyramid but do please remember to call home and tell mummy that you are safe because she is a worry wart. She will also cry so badly the first 2 days you are away from home so please do console her that you are going to be alright despite leaving home for the first time.

Despite the terrible surrounding, nothing will get in the way of your rebellious self. From breaking curfews to fence climbings, these are going to be memories that you will carry with you forever. Oh and you will also be involved with another love interest which also did not turn out well due to unexplained circumstances. But you guys will have an awesome time together. Still, I will not dwelve into details and let you experience the whole thing for yourself. One thing, you will still remain friends with this person until today.

Things will do pretty well for you and before you know, two whole years would have flown right past you and you will be be preparing to enter IMU where you will be doing your Mpharm degree for the next 3.5 years. Oh and by that time your Nikon Coolpix digital camera would have been an ancient 2years old. It would be a period where having a screen to view pictures was the coolest thing and your 128MB memory card is equivalent to our 32G highspeed card today. But soon you will get bored and upgrade to a Canon Ixus720 during your 21st birthday:)

Everyone will soon notice your passion for shopping and appoint you as the class treasurer which will be ironic because you will be constantly broke but you have whole load of class money in your room. But no, you did not touch a dime to buy that pair of MNG shorts you have been dying to have despite having an almost empty wallet.

U will also participate in cheerleading during your second semester since you grew up reading sweet valley and how cool it made Jessica Wakefield and Lila Fowler being a popular cheerleader in school. But no that would not be the main reason u joined cheerleading. It is going to be due housemate-pressure and curiosity and to see if you actually possess hand-leg coordination, and that would led u to be shortlisted and later, crowned champion:)

Sometime in between, you will be involved in organising other batches’ juniors’ orientation and during one of the station games you will get HIT by a handful of flour by a senior which will blind your eyes for the rest of your lives. U will hate him so much but he will find an excuse to get your number and message you for the next couple of weeks to see if your eyes are okay. You will eventually find out that he actually liked you since the first time he saw you during your first week in IMU but you will play it cool since u do not believe love at first sight He might appear to be freakish but you did not really cast him aside for you needed him to help you with your researches and essays. This may sound selfish but you are going to need him to provide you with all the resources and connection to aid you with information finding during the tedious process of endless papers and essays. And you thought he would realise your ugly intentions and leave you to yourself and just remain friends for the rest of your lives.

But little to your knowledge, he will still not give up and to your subconscious, he will always be there for you wishing you well and calming your exam jitters when you need him. And that will continue until you fly to the UK for your final year. Yes that would be the most awesome year u ever had, jet setting to (almost) every corner of Europe, working part-time, attending wonderful lectures in your sleep and finally falling in love which this guy who had been so persistent vying for your affection since IMU. Yes, his name is Ken, your first official boyfriend(and hopefully the last) and he is going to punish you in the future for making him wait so long:P He is going to treat you so well you will regret for not taking him seriously when you were in Uni.

After graduation and I know you are going to miss all your friends so you are going to take gazillion of pictures with them when you had the chance. Oh before I forget, you would have gotten yourself a DSLR (canon eos 450d) by then and you will be awed by the outcomes you cant live without it.

Fast forward to working, you will be thrown in the most remote northern state of the country where you will be so determined to get your ass back to hometown someday (which you will; after loads of hard work, patience and perseverance). Along the way u will meet the most awesome ppl whom u will stay friends with until today:) (you know who you are)

And then in year 2012, the most important year to your life; where you will secure your first official boyfriend as your husband legally:P, as well as your first home together. You will also take a (small) leap in your career and hopefully another leap few years later:P

Ok thats all for now, the rest of the exciting journey is up to u to discover and create:)

Have a happy new year!