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One year, and married!

12 Mar

Sorry for abandoning you my dear blog for one whole year. I had been so hyped with wedding preps (well, if you count dilly-dallying as one of them lol) I hardly had anytime to just sit and do nothing. Oh and also we were busy raising our little poodle:p

So far it’s been great being married to your best friend and foe and living under the same roof with him and our precious poodle Mochi whom I will introduce in another post next time. Well, marriage is great as far as two persons are concerned but you can’t really have much lovey dovey time when another person in the house constantly hovers around like some kind of shadow ( talking shadow to be precise) and tags along automatically during MOST outings ( it’s been reduced to SOME nowadays) that’s probably the only part of my current life that I’m discontented about. Maybe because I’ve been missing a lot on privacy. * keep to new year resolution , complain less* Ken had been the most patient hub but sometimes you can also find us in the midst of tugging each other’s hair or dogfights. Pros and cons of living under one roof *smirks*

So that aside will just touch and go briefly on my wedding preps. I
Try to DIY as much as possible due to the insane costs for decor. I also sourced straight to the source aka the florist instead of engaging middle persons like a wedding planner who normally charges u like u own the bank. Am still waiting for official pictures so hope these will appease your eyes:)