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7 Jul

Woke up to this

20 mins later

7 Jul

When you look at me liddis my heart goes beep boop beep boop 😘😘😘😘

Why so serious?? Can't believe you're turning 9 months in a week!

U used to be so tiny!! Where did all the time go? Times like this i wish I could be sahm sigh. Babies they grow up so fast I wish I don't have to spend almost 10 hours a day away from them. That would be like 70 hours a week!

Furry empress thinking hard if she should eat that zzzz

My furry empress used to be this tiny too ! Now she has morphed into a 'rebellious teenager'. But still a cute one nevertheless lol

Tried giving him unblended porridge for second round. Let him learn how to chew on textures. But it takes soooo longgg thank god I fed him blended one first round lol #lazymom

Nighttime exercise for Mochi. Javier playing chase with her all over the house

Looks like Mochi found her safe zone lol