Archive | August, 2015
31 Aug

Sometimes I forgot how 'unbaby' this little fella has gotten these days. He recently developed strangers anxiety esp to people he hasn't seen in a while like his paternal grandparents in taiping. He was extremely sticky to me and ken (well I'm not complaining) and shows discomfort the moment his grandparents come near him.

He hates to be out of shower too and screams whenever bath time ended. His determination is also crazy he would fall out of his cot trying to reach something on the floor 😅

He also loves to mimic us like snapping his little stubby fingers whenever birds flew nearby and making clucking sounds with his tongue.I guess it's time for us adults to start behaving properly around him lol.

He also had learnt to be quite temperamental and screams until he gets what he wants. When I scolded him this afternoon, he actually merajuked with me and only wanted my mom the whole noon. But well someone had to be the bad guy eh since the dad spoils him rotten lol.

My little love mesmerized with the giant clock

My furkid wanted a lil love too 😘

Loving the cute animal prints insect repellant hehe

30 Aug

Ah kong brought him out for breakfast and all he wanted was mommy huhuhu

29 Aug

Scenes from yesterday. Dinner with his cousin sister. Dono what beh song face is that

Revenge time lol

Prebedtime activity. Study study together

Then he decided to smash cuz sister's head with the bath time book 😂😂 That was before they started taking their toys and throw at each other lol

First thing wake up in the morning. Playtime! Javier be like; what u doing digging into my loot eh??

Trying to attack the fur ball during lunch today

The exhibit

Grandpa bringing Javier out for a ride

Tearing and throwing tissues on the floor. Making full use of our service charge lol

Finally one decent pic with their grandparents after 3957374x tries lol

28 Aug

Otw to taiping ! Daddy's navigator on duty!

27 Aug

Just saja try guan lai he knows his own name hehehee

25 Aug

Pagi-pagi request go outside see birds

24 Aug

Well it's pretty sucky to have ur own place but have no say whatsoever on the residents. Whoever that comes to Penang to work permanently or intern AUTOMATICALLY comes to stay in my house. Without kitchen whatsoever some more. Lai lai lai bring whole kampung come la we have so many rooms can fit the whole taiping village!! Pffttttttt

I'm so motivated to get my OWN studio apartment. With only ONE ROOM, ONE KITCHEN and ONE TOILET. Pfttt

On a lighter note; here's my morning situation today. The lil fur accompanied the lil master during bath time. 😍😍

Penyejuk hatiku 😘😘