Archive | September, 2015
30 Sep

One of my very vain moment. On the way for photoshoot on a hazy day lol

I love my hair today too! 😁😁

Wah my photographer damn efficient so fast send me a few shots d hehehe. I'm loving it so far!!

Another hilarious pic my photographer sent me. He didn't like the dried leaves he tried to avoid all his limbs from touching em lol

29 Sep

The sheer determination 😂😂

Baby musician in the making! Thank you for the early birthday present Aunty Christine @broughtup2share

27 Sep

Playing with paper lanterns from last night. Held it for a little while before throwing it away cos he was afraid of it 😅😅😅

Happy cos it's kaikai day again!

Checking the puffs in the light before chomping em down

26 Sep

Gave him heinz baby noodles with pork, egg, potatoes, carrots and goji berries. He didn't fancy it that much. In the end I had to scoop some and dilute with remaining soup only he telan. So choosy eessh

Busy nomming on his cheese stick

Experimented with fried laksa today. Ilham from @ypteoh 's mommy. Had it first time during high school days and during her housewarming. And still couldn't get enuf of it hehe

Found an old pic and did a comparison. Where haz you gone chubs???!!

Mini decor done for the mini birthday bash for the little King next week😁😁 can you guess the theme? 😁😁

Little King reached dreamland. Now time for a lil loving with the fur kid😊😊

25 Sep

The feeling when ur baby sinks all his teeth into ur shoulder. And then u shouted "OUCH" abit too loudly. Then the baby cries like you just tortured him. And then everyone thinks u spanked him or something.

Win Liao Lor

Just because.. The sunset is kinda pretty today

24 Sep

The loot at big bad wolf earlier

Second time at the big crammed stuffy event and yet he could fall asleep lol

Someone enjoying his happy puffs

My fav from the loot. More like syok sendiri cos most of em are my fav childhood rhymes hehe

Pangsaifaceoftheday 😁😁

23 Sep

The super cheeky boy during lunch today