Archive | September, 2015
21 Sep

Someone's got a new ride! His early bday pressie:) wanted to get him one of those remote control cars but very space consuming so this vintage steel will do la for now hehe😁😁

20 Sep

Entertained by grand uncle during dinner just now

Someone trying to run away from aunty

Group photo with grandma

19 Sep

What goes into the little king's porridge today; the usual 'rojak' combo as how the daddy would put it together with mashed hard boiled egg yolk😁

Made mooncake agar-agar for the first time today! Not too shabby eh hehe

Dressed him in thicker clothes today cos of his cold. Stupid runny nose leave him alone la!

Indulge and worry later!

Busy picking the nostrils of his new Dino

Someone's all cuddly and manja just now. I meant the one with fur of course 😁😁

17 Sep

Busy busy sorting out the pics I printed. I still trust hard copy cos technology failed me before when my old hardisk died on me last time. This time print hard copies as backup. More secure. Hehe

14 Sep

Time to work and I'm still in this position cos of the lower back pain that didn't go away since last night. Can hardly walk now I feel so much like an invalid huhu. So there goes my first mc this year 😩😩

How I do physio for my back pain

13 Sep

Someone's all dressed up for the first wedding after the long hungry ghost month

I'm amazed with his ability to sleep throughout all the yum sengs and loud karaoke sessions. Didn't even stir.

This little girl has grown so much she could now yum seng on her own hehe

12 Sep

Dragged my ass out of bed to attend a course forced upon all of us.. Think still in school meh force us to attend your 'extracurricular ' activities after working hours.