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4 Nov

Had a conversation with hubs last night regarding our frequent bickering cos of his sister for the past few years. He promised he will make sure she gets a place to stay elsewhere when I get my transfer back to the island.

Well he promised that too before I delivered Javier, before confinement and after confinement. And she still stuck around like a leech. So I'm still keepin a lil hope. For one last time.

Then he said "she also very pitiful la, have to move here and there cos of us"

😤😤 He thought she was the pitiful one. I'm the bad perpetrator. He forgot how I would have to "chase" myself out during weekends so his "pitiful" sister could have the whole house to herself. Or how I had to lock myself in the master bedroom while she conquers the tv for ONE whole DAY. So she was the "pitiful" one.

I didn't even bothered arguing back this time. Cos I don't think it would change his mentality. I don't think it's worth it.

Well I guess I would just have to tolerate until one day when I reach my limit (actually limit reached long time ago but extended) I will pack my bags and Javier and walk out of his life so he can continue be the protective good brother to his sister.

Well, if this was the classic 'choose your sister or me' scenario, the choice was already made long time ago without him saying it out aloud. He also said she wouldn't have stuck to us if she could afford it.

The poor professional auditor who works for one of the big firms couldn't afford it. So me the government slave had to afford her lor 😤😤

Moral of the story is

Do not marry if your partner is a great guy, ONLY marry when his family is great too.

Cos when you marry him Ure getting the whole lot; good or bad apples

His face when I said bye bye during lunch today

Spot the toddler 😂😂