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10 Nov

Vanakam happy Diwali everyone!

Someone enjoying his steamed kampung chicken. Loving the suction bowl. At least I have less one thing to pick up from the floor hehe

Made pasta again for the little King. Blended chicken+tomatoes+carrot+potato+a cube of laughing cow cheese for the gravy. He loves the gravy but the pasta not so he kept pushing them out with his tongue. Only then I realized he didn't want to be fed with spoon. He wanted to pick all the pasta bits with his fingers. Imagine the mess! 😱😱

Not me. My mom was down with the flu. So our grand plan of visiting both my nieces had to be postponed. Didn't want risk spreading the bug to both newborns huhu

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery 😋😋