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5 Dec

7 morning 8 morning jumped off the bed to play with my iPhone wire. That's his face when he was caught 😂

Clinging on to me like a koala cos the grass cutter man is outside the house doing his thing

That is him telling me skad skad when I asked him where is the grass uncle lol

Last 15 mins working extended shift here. Huhu

Our Korean seafood spicy casserole for dinner earlier

Spot the crazily huge octopus tentacles. So juicy!

Operasi jaga lembu starts! This guy wouldn't let us eat in peace as usual lol so we had to take turns 😂

What happened when I told hubs I fell down and scraped a piece of my skin out and was bleeding profusely. And we couldn't find any plaster in the house. He found a panty liner and stuck it to my wound lol. Good idea eh😂😂