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18 Dec

First night

My sil planted her ass on the elongated side of the sofa lounging with her laptop for the WHOLE night. It's such an eyesore to watch id rather not walk pass that particular spot to drink a sip of water. Sigh

Little King is finally napping so I can get some house chores done. Or.. Should I nap as well?? Hehe

Mystery of the occasional ants

So I've been killing these occasional black ants on our makeshift kitchen table cos I wouldn't want them to infest Javier's utensils.

Then after I did some snooping around I found the culprit. They were building a nest in one of the thermos bottle my sil owned. Wtf she did not clean the bottle after finishing the sweet content?? Mother didn't teach ar wtf. When I opened the cover I was literally attacked by swarms of ants. It must have been lying there for weeks wtf.

Wish my mom was here. Confirm lecture her kaokao!😡 #itrynottohatemySILbuticant #SILwoes

18 Dec

Muscles all tired from moving house. So fun. Now I have to see all the ppl I dislike EVERY SINGLE DAY