27 Dec

Four days holiday weekend. Been so exhausted running and about. Hubs was working whole festive season so I was left at home managing the household most of the time. Boy it is so exhausting . Been here the whole week and I've not seen other occupants lifting up a mop. The floor had been extremely dusty especially when you have like half a dozen adults living in the house. And with Javier picking up everything on the floor and putting into his mouth i have to painstakingly vacuum and mop eod😫😫

And now the lil King is running a temperature. I hope it's just dehydration cos he's been refusing plain water the whole day! Drank so little! I hope he didn't catch any bug from his sick cuz sister during Christmas. He actually grabbed her drinking bottle thinking it was his and chewed on it. I relayed my concerns to hubs but he seems to be the cincai one in parenting. Eat his shoes, no response. Pick up dropped cookies or puffs on the floor , makan all dont waste.

It drives me nuts most of the time cos it seems like I'm the only one to have reflexes in preventing any icky stuff from entering my child's gut. One more pet peeve I really tak boleh tahan. The hubs lovessss leaving his coins all over the house that's reachable. So I will find an occasional coin in the lil king's fist; all cleaned up with his saliva. I am always furious but I just don't say anything. I'm not the nagging type. I just want it to be done. So most of the time I just settle myself.

I'd rather hide and put away everything myself and the dangerous stationeries left around by other irresponsible adults around the house. So first thing in the morning I do is I clean up after all the BIG kids in the house before the lil King wanders into the 'danger zone'.

Next time I should just go home on long weekends 😞 The only way I could feel fully rested 😒

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