31 Dec

Less than two hours and 2015 will come to an end. We had quick dinner outside before coming home to chill #auntylife . Stopped being a fan of huge crowds and all the sweats and shovings that come with it. Plus with a toddler it's impossible to go anywhere for too long before his patience runs out and throws a fit.

2015 had been good on most parts and also horrible from certain aspects. (mostly job related and sil woes).

But well I managed to overcome all those and thank you to all those 'people' that inspired me to be a better human being. Because I know how shitty behaviors make other people feel. I will learn from all these shortcomings and pass the ilmu down to the next generation 😁😁

Recap of my 80% wonderful year:) ( sorry pic spam, it's mostly Javier related lol)

Someone turned three months in jan. Gosh I missed his baby cheeks!

Celebrated his first cny this year too! Where did all his chubs go??!

Played at the pool for the first time. He seemed… Hmm not too excited? Hehe

Oh another happy note this year too; my furry kid selfied with me. And actually smiled😁😁She had been preferring hubs over me since I stopped staying with her whole year πŸ˜”

Oh we had a few mini vacations too; just the three of us. Mostly cuti-cuti Malaysia so far. We will try to be more adventurous next year and bring him on a plane😁😁

Us @ the highlands

Someone having a ball of a time shopping in kl too! Good thing we tagged daddy for a course

Yea that's us at another highlands

Also went for a mini beach getaway . Boy doesn't seemed to be too impressed. See how elongated he is now. Long and thin he is now. I miss his chubs!!

See what I mean? He's becoming less like a baby and more boyish d. He even lost the baby smell that I used to be obsessed with!

Also had our first ever family photoshoot with the talented Sunnysan. Loved his work!

This will become reality before the Chinese New Year. Fingers crossed πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ» It feels very inadequate living in a kitchenless house for now

And the bittersweet of leaving all the colleagues I've grown so fond of over the years.

To this. My new workplace. Hoping for a good year ahead; if not BETTER!

But of cos most importantly is the health and wellbeing of my family. This year had been a year of loads of changes and relocating so hopefully by next year we will be more or less settled and start making our home more presentable hehehe. Then not so Paiseh when we have guests over😁😁😁😁

Happy new year any may all you realize all your resolutions!!! Not gonna make any cos I'm more of living in the moment person hehe

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