Archive | January, 2016
31 Jan

Selfie with his pigs

I think queensbay wins hands down with the nicest cny decor I've seen so far; online and with my own eyes. So much effort! Capita malls must've hired someone new with heck of a talent recently hehe

Bcos today is 31st:)

23 Jan

Someone begging food from great grandma earlier. More like he does it all the time 😂

Someone is pleased with his porridge with steamed egg+pork earlier

The incomplete kitchen looked better lit up with the led lights. We chose all the cabinets without handles/knobs to prevent the little king from playing frisbee with our plates or kitchen utensils. So far he attempted to open the cabinets. No chance 👌🏻😋😋😋😁😁😁

With the faux maple wood breakfast table which my mom thinks is very chor teng. We didn't affix a door so this serves like a 'border' to the kitchen at least. Time to hunt for bar stools !😄

20 Jan

My house

is in

a chaos 😁😁

19 Jan

Facebook just reminded me that it's our second wedding anniversary today!! Haha. Can't believe we survived two years! Lol. We remembered today few weeks ago but with the reno hype and all we just forgot about it. And waking up every hour last night to soothe a cranky toddler didn't help much with the memory either 😂😂

Just want to reminisce the days when I was, well, slimmer haha

With my beautiful jimuis

Conspiring how to torture my husband

And one with the annoying hubby

18 Jan

Me and my goofball today after his checkup

16 Jan

How I bully my son on a Saturday morning

The staff at McDonald's gave him a baby sundae cone. Grabbed it immediately and started chomping. Dono where he learnt how to eat an ice cream cone leh. Licked all the ice cream before proceeded to finish off the cone

Kitchen progress today. Tiles finally up time to call the kitchen guy to install the cabinets

Bought this from Tesco for the lil King. Some mommies told me their kiddies clothes range not bad wan. Didn't expect the cny collection so chio and all made of cotton!

Bought these for my nieces too! Cos too irresistible hehe

15 Jan

Hubs promised his sister will move out by 15th Jan. What is the date again today??? I have told her directly that I wanted my privacy and asked her to move out (in a nice way of course even after her rudeness to my mom and is still rude) her belongings are still hovering in the house? Sien si lang

On a brighter note, some progress in our kitchen, finally! Wiring done need to fix the tiles up next:)