Archive | January, 2016
10 Jan

Someone busy talking to the trees outsideπŸ˜‚

His super stressed expression from yesterday cos we went to the automatic car wash. He sat very still through out the whole process πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

9 Jan

Cooked simple chicken soup from leftover kampung chicken since I didn't use them last week cos the lil King was sick. So yums Javier had one bowl after his bowl of porridge😁😁 since I don't have a proper pantry I just used carrot, potato, cherry tomatoes and some red dates. The only seasoning I added was a few drops of soy. Next time will make some rice for him to go with it instead πŸ™‚

Decisions decisions… I love these patterned tiles for the kitchen wall but hubs and my family hates it πŸ˜“

So settled for the 'clean' looking tiles instead lor… They complained if I put the patterned tiles later cannot find the rice cooker or thermos got so kuacheong anot???

Someone went Kai Kai and didn't want to hold our hands #growinguptoofast

Also want to choose his own shopping aih
So fast want to be independent d mehh

6 Jan

Sunrise this morning. So suiπŸ˜„

Tong tong chiang mode on!

6 Jan

Givin mochi some lovin

Someone eyeing her fav treat greedily

So for the past week, my mom had been nagging me to ask my sil or my hubs if anything had bad happened. That's cos my sil gives my mom the sour face and stopped greeting her out of the blue. Even though that was pretty rude, my mom was adamant on finding out the truth cos she was totally clueless and confused what could lead to such change in behavior.

So after prying for two days, she said my mom said "WEI" loudly when she was in the toilet and her alarm went off.

She assumed my mom scolded her when actually she shouted at Javier for pulling one of his stunts. And she drew her own conclusion and proceeded to be rude to my mom I would say.

Over such a small matter omfg.😱😱

But what really pissed me of was the way she revealed to me. Very kiam pak

Who dare to scold my momma come see me first!

Her eldest she meant 'elderly'. This girl must live with in laws one day. Period. She will be in such deep shit

Anyhow I managed to pacify her and clear the super mini misunderstanding that stemmed out of her own imagination perhaps ? But I must say my in laws did a bad job in educating their child πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘

3 Jan

Someone is feeling super or lor this morning

2 Jan

Poor baby been diarrheaing almost every 2 hours until punggung pun sakit. Learnt our lesson about feeding him adult food even in proper restaurants. But how would we know right??? It was either the mushroom soup or the mashed potato . One of it must be the culprit cos hubs too had diarrhea after having those. Javier had it worst. Been almost two days 😭😭 And still be must be so picky so we hardly managed to get smecta or ors into his system sighhh…