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7 Feb

Someone had his first share of lousang this year

Someone hiding in the room cos he's afraid of the fireworks lol

Hope everyone had a full tummy earlier and happy CNY from our little family πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!! Been a day of just lazing and eating and sleeping haha. My in laws don't gamble or pai nian on first day of CNY so it's normally pretty quiet over here. Can't wait to balik my own home tmr! Yay

Javier and cuz sis bickering over some toys hehe

7 Feb

In laws house got broke into last night!

Went out after dinner at home to aeon to do some last minute shopping for cny. Came back home to find all the rooms in total mess. The robbers actually hacked the grills until even parts of the simen came off. Talk about desperation. I found all my bags upstairs strewn in the room downstairs near the window where they entered so I guessed they must've heard us coming home and left in a hurry. Cos they didn't managed to ransack my handbag and even threw my dslr on the bed.

They even emptied my roller luggage upstairs and brought the empty one downstairs so I guessed they must have wanted to use it to throw their loot inside. Thank god everyone was safe and they didn't attempted the robbery when everyone was at home. Each time I think about that I shudder. No wonder mochi did not come and greet us like she usually does when we were back. She was hiding on the staircase in utmost fear. I can imagine her barking at the robbers like mad.

Thank god the robbers didn't do anything to her. Maybe being cute helps 😁😁

Economy is bad and ppl are desperate. We are just thankful that everyone is safeπŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»

Heading to Ipoh now. Celebrating cny at bil's house this year. Someone is clearly excited. Busy making a ruckus out of his cousin's toy downstairs😁😁