One day as a housewife πŸ˜

27 Feb

Good mornjng evelibodi

What's cooking today?

Lazy ppl's pasta. All chucked in one pot hehe

No chicken broth so just diluted some chicken stock paste with water. Wanted to make creamy tomato pasta but no cream so just chucked in some laughing cow cream cheese cube. I also used organic semolina spirals instead of the usual spaghetti to make feeding Javier easy hehe #lazymom

To be shared with the little King. He wiped his plate clean!πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻 and ate some of mine sumore. First time introduce him herbs and junks like bacon and ham. But I did not let him have any la. Just the flavor only 😁😁😁

And yes I've switched back to stainless steel pans again since I've lost count how many non-stick ones has been scratched by ppl in my household πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘ Now I can scrub and let other ppl scrub in peace! #auntytalk

Oh on another note this is my favorite part of the kitchen hehe. Less clutter on the top heeh

His dessert

Kampung chicken soup for dinner tonight. Haha I'm serious when I said I'm really sick of outside food. I'd rather cook during weekend my life is boring like that😬😬😬

Steamed minced pork with shiitake mushroom. My fav childhood dish grandma used to make for me when she was still around. Simple and satisfying 😘😘

The little King seems to love it tooπŸ˜‹

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