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12 Mar

Someone enjoying his homemade mango popsicle. Good for the cray cray hot weather

Happy cos he knew it was his special day. Well technically he has a special day every month πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

Still cannot fathom how big this baby has grown #growinguptoofast . Normally I don't do these milestones thingy but this fella had developed such a character on his own I'm afraid if I don't document I might forget πŸ˜…

This fella now has 14 teeth so putting my sausage finger into his mouth to clean is a big no no unless I want to risk losing them hehe

Bought his fav pororo toothbrush and he always nod in excitement when I asked him to accompany me to brush my teeth before bedtime. I'm using buds organic toothpaste so I feel less guilty if he swallows it 😁

He can understand most of our instructions but normally he deliberates if he wants to listen. But he always gladly will help us throw his soiled diapers into the dustbin. Once he was so into his new role he started throwing unused diapers as well πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

His vocabulary is still quite limited to papa, mama, mam mam, wou wou and cheee(mochi) and many baby gibberish that I still struggle to understand. When he points to something and says 'cheeko cheeko cheeko' I really dont know how to react haha. And he gets really frustrated lol. He recognizes his buses, cartoons, fruits, food and many utensils but he still doesn't try to pronounce em.

He also has developed the ability of showing his unhappiness. If we scold him for something he was not suppose to do or take, he would listen, put it down, walk away and look for the nearest item to collect and throw on the floor. Most of the time my hp would be the victim lol. I really have no idea where he learnt that fromπŸ˜…

He also love eating our adult food so most of the time we had to share with him or he will scream at you in frustration. So yea I didn't follow the holy grail of only introducing soy sauce and salt after the age of two. But I try to give him everything in moderation lor. As long as he enjoys his food I'm fine hehe

He also loves to imitate everything we adults do so we have to be very careful with our actions nowadays. He likes 'vacuuming ' and 'mopping' the floor and also would take his hanky and wipe spills on the floor πŸ˜„. Sometimes he goes overboard with the wiping thing he would also wipe the tv, chairs and us humans lol

He also loves annoying mochi to the max. Like tempting her by touching the stuffs she's guarding or most of the times he just pick up his toys and throw at her when she is in her lazy positionπŸ˜… Or just pulling her fur too hard sometimes. It's been a love hate relationship from the start. Cos sometimes Javier would show a lil loving by head butting mochi; by that I mean his head on her butt or she would come lick him first thing in the morning when he is up 😍

Cooked kungpao pork for dinner. Would have preferred chicken for the texture though but I cooked chicken porridge for lunch d so abit the muak haha