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20 Mar

Oh hello good morning y'all

Loving his new toy we got him from the fair yesterday. It's similar to the one in the playroom that he loves so much but with the stupid crazy heat now I'd rather coop him in the house

Wah need so lazy or not 😂

Who wants to play spot the toddler with me?

Aglio oglio for lunch today

Oh on another note I can't wait for hubs to complete his tqm course end of this month!!! Cos every weekend it's either classes or work so I've been pretty much stuck at home 7 days a week. Wah the torture and all the hormones make me feel like strangling someone all the time (not my son of cos hehe). Cos by the time he gets home and we rush out for quick dinner or shopping it's always in a hurry to get groceries and stuffs before the mall closes zzzzz

So so tired…

Been craving for this for quite sometime! Nasi lemak ayam rempah near hubs workplace. Sooooo good 😋😋