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14 Apr

Can't believe I missed out the day he turned 18 months. Until yesterday lol when I brought him for his routine check at the health clinic.

Apparently it's a big deal @ 18 mo the nurses as well as the dr asked if he could speak 3 words to form a sentence yet. I was like huh no leh. He is still at his one word phase even though his vocab is building up la. But I'm not gonna sweat it la just let him take his own time 🙂

Well this little fella here is gonna be a kor kor soon ! Well I hope he's excited about it cos sometimes when I asked him where is Mei Mei he would put his head and sayang my tummy 😍😍

The little guy's bento set for dinner earlier. Grabbed the salmon tempura the moment it arrived 😂 It's considered a mini celebration for our 7 years anniversary I guess. We survived so long without butchering each other yet so I guess that calls for a celebration ?? 😁😁

Well it's too soon to say anything cos right now I really feel like butchering my husband 😡😡

Men and their insensitive comments! Hmph 😡😡