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28 Apr

Poor little King had stomach flu since Monday and it hasn't really cleared cos his poo is still watery. And then the bug got to me so I was vomiting the daylights outta me yesterday like every hour or so. I can't even stomach milo cos the toilet bowl will smell of it after a while. So I decided to extend my mc today cos I was feeling all woozy and lembik.

So this is what I imagined to be doing the whole day while being pampered cos he hubs encouraged me to extend my mc so
I can recover. But my mom suddenly decided to throw up too and the hoo haa she has to make over the whole vomiting episode really drove me up the wall. I think her verbal diarrhea surpassed the amount of vomitus that actually exited her mouth. So yea in the ends she went home to rest, hub went to work leaving me alone with the little King and all the housework.

I should have just dragged my sick body to work today huhuuhu