Archive | April, 2016
6 Apr

Feeling a lil more hardworking today so cooked sambal ladies finger and 'San bei ji' for dinner. Technically it was only ' two cups chicken' cos I did not have shao xing wine at home. But added wee bit of black vinegar hehe

Baked a batch of not very good looking vanilla+buttermilk cupcakes cos was craving for some sugar hehe

But nothing a buttercream cannot fix hehe. Very obvious it was piped by a noob lol

5 Apr

Since hubs is working late tonight I whipped up this simple dish of eggplant+minced pork+salted fish for dinner to share with my mom. Haha I'm lazy like that lol

3 Apr

Had a mini prayer for my ancestors at home today for ching ming. I contributed the ondeh-ondeh and steamed cake hehe. This time I added vanilla essence into the steamed cake batter so it's much more fragrant 😋

Spot the kepochi supervisor

Not too shabby for my first time hehe. I have no talent of making equal thickness throughout the whole sphere haha. But I love the gula Melaka oozing out from the center 😋😋😋😋 #sweetcravings

The seasonal helper is back! Helping ahkong to vacuum the whole house 😂

Having pig stomach soup for teatime cos it's so good #dayrefatties

Going back soon to see mochi but not looking forward to work tmr sigh

Someone had been cleaning the house diligently whole day 😂😂

2 Apr

Chopped off whatever tinge of color that remained in my hair. So now my hair is colour virgin all over again 😁😁 Sure missed coloring my hair sigh

Best part about coming home? All meals taken care of and free babysitting service while I go and pamper myself haha. Yea getting some time off to chop and wash hair is considered a luxury these days 😁

Me and a very happy little King cos he stole my cheese and stuffed it all into his mouth before I managed to take it back 😂😂

Oh yes! Finally raining after months of HOT and DRY spell. So happy!!! Lalalaaalalalala

Someone hugging my fat arms in fear of the thunder 😅