Archive | May, 2016
30 May

In a course now. Rainy day. Exactly how I feel huhu

29 May

Javier was playing with the leftover crumbs so I asked the hubs to help clean it before he left for work cos I wanted to lie down since he passed his stupid virus to me. So guess what I saw when I walked to the living room. The mess was left as it was. Wow thank you husband.

Why is it that when men are sick they just ignore everything and expected to be pampered and nursed like a baby but when we are sick, sick what sick?? We still have to function like usual zzzz

Somebody enjoying the fresh air from the purifier haha

28 May

Fooling around with my hiau sister's glasses yesterday. Hehe

Someone enjoying his hard boiled egg and happy puffs

Found this old vest and tried it on him. He hates everything with collar nowadays I don't know why. Maybe it's irritating cos of the hot weather I guess

Asked him to sit down and eat his bao quietly 😂

26 May

All packed up to Bm cos will be having meeting and course here for the next two days

Supper time !

25 May

My recent cotton on loot for the little mister and little miss. Sales ah how to resist yo hehe

22 May

Pancakes and blueberries kinda morning for the little King

My brunch. Bacon egg croissant and barley water. Burnt the croissant abit so had to scrape the top off hehe

His fav time of the week. Playing with some big kids here

This fella kept climbing the slide backwards lol 😂😂

21 May

Pardon my ginormous leg. My little King insisted on sticking all these repellents on me before his shower time 😂😂😂😂

Happy wesak day everyone! There was this pagoda in a pool where everyone would toss their coins but this little fella ran out of coins so he rampas our notes instead 😂😂

Helping daddy to bathe the little buddha

Busy busy pai pai

Time to leave and he insisted on carrying one of the 'flower water' bags haha

Our dinner tonight since hubs is feeling under the weather. Added macaroni for the little King instead

Someone givin this hideous robot we built some love 😂😂😂

20 May

Someone busy busy shopping 😂

Dipping his fries into the tartar sauce like the adults


19 May

No more durians still got apple mango yummy yums 😋😋

Made these fluffy cupcakes for the little King for supper. I had too much batter so it rose higher than the cup cos instead of pouring 3/4 papercup full I filled it to the brim haha. Cannot waste ma haha

18 May

Because yesterday's was simply not enough hehe. Baby wanted 'ang heh' so have to get it no matter what kekeke