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3 May

Going to dimsum with mah baby. How come he looks so grown up here #notbabyanymore huhuhu

Didn't want the babychair so we stacked two plastic chairs for him. Sat quietly and finished the lotus paste pau on his own. And no mess apart from some paste stuck on his fingers #traditionalweaning . I'm not an advocate on baby led weaning cos I need to preserve my sanity and I don't have a maid to clean up the mess. Besides I believe every baby will be ready when the time comes. And maybe cos by feeding him I still feel needed haha

Having their own conversation. Someone needs grooming soon d her eyes are no longer visible lol

Mama say I'm not letting you go anywhere. Cos you have been barking too much at the contractors and disturbing her beauty sleep 😁

His fav corner at the playroom. Some magnet number tree thingy

And this magnet that moves all these creatures on the board. But he doesn't like all those slides and little horsey and adventurous stuffs. Definitely not a risk taker this fella 😂😂