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7 May

Lunch with this fella yesterday. Someone enjoying his honey ice cream

My early Mother's Day dinner cos we wanted to avoid the Sunday crowd hehe

My duck confit with Javier's mini platter. The duck was good but not over the top good la. Maybe I should try the smoked duck next time hehe

Hubby's bebek

Someone busy stuffing his face with broccoli and fish fingers 😂

But this… Is .. The BOMB! Some brownie with duck salted egg ice cream sth like that. Wah so good it sent me to dessert heaven straight after haha

Went to h&m and played dress up abit haha. I realize he really loves shopping cos he will squeal with delight and run all over the place and bring everything to me lol

Got this for his aunty's convo. Better have some backups in case he doesn't like the tie all of the sudden. Have to see his mood wan

This morning's situation. Pls wake up and play with me daddy

Wake up already u piggggg!!!!

Rainy day so made mushroom soup pot pie for lunch. Unevenly baked but ahh so comforting hehe