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8 May

Pre lunch today hehe

Ordered delivery today for my lunch cos lazy to cook. Since it's supposedly Mother's Day and it's just me and the little King since hubs is working as usual, I decided to give myself day off for lunch 😁😁

The little King had japchae. He finished most of it 💪🏻💪🏻

Love it when he snuggles up on my liddis 😍😍 . Even when he rolled off in his sleep his fingers will still somehow be holding a portion of my shirt 😂

Playroom time as usual but there was no one at all so the lil King syok sendiri 😂😂 I guessed everyone must be having dinner outside for Mother's Day. Imagine the crowd!

In the end we had to join the crowd and settle for zhu char outside. I told hubs i ordered delivery for lunch and he thought I'm gonna do that for dinner instead so he didn't have to tabao home after work. So he slowly goyang punggung balik rumah expecting a spread of Korean food laid out for him to feast. Major miscommunication haha but then again I'm not surprised cos he normally only listen to me half heartedly most of the time 😑😑