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14 May

Last night I actually dreamt about sleeping with another man. Omg it was so real I woke up feeling so guilty but erm it actually feels very good. In the dreams la hehe #blamethepregnancyhormones ☺️☺️☺️☺️

This furry fella came to snuggle and invited me to scratch her

His current fav book cos so many pics with babies and mam mam lol @fernnotleaf

Cheesy macaroni with chicken and mushroom for the little King today

So obviously the leftover thawed chicken slices went into my tummy hehe. Marinade with my trusty nandos sauce 😋😋

I've given up searching for longan cake in bakeries so decided to take matters in my own hands haha. Still chilling in the fridge I wonder how it would taste like *fingers crossed *

The cake taste legit! But pardon the uneven layer very kanceong want to slice the sponge in half ok 😬😬But should have removed the unsightly browned cake skin haha. And I still feel the sponge in fruit cakes from bakery is slightly fluffier than this one. I brushed the longan syrup on the sponge and added chopped longan pieces into the fresh cream so the whole cake was bursting with longanness. Both my babies are happy now hahaha

14 May

Back at home and having this crazy delicious rm1.20 nasi lemak for brekkie

Busy feeding himself blueberries from ahkong