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4 Jun

One of my very rare makeup face days cos it's my sister's big day after almost two years lol

Someone's got a little pressie for his yee yee

Pardon me for the double chin this fella was trying to kiss me here 😘😘😘😘

The happy graduate (finally) lol

Someone very or lor here. Cos he was asleep when I forcefully woke him up for dinner or else every shop in midvalley gonna have a long queue outside during peak hour

Post dinner activity. He was dragging this bag of balls everywhere hoping I will take it and pay for him lol

Trying to dissemble every piece from the wall 😂

Tried on this ride other kids left behind he didn't use the wheels instead he was galloping on it lol

Then he forced me to buy him this. #shopaholicinthemaking

And this