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12 Jun

Another rare made up face yesterday cos attending an old friend's wedding.

No this little guy was not dressed up cos gonna chuck him at grandmas house hehe. Wanted to enjoy my food since will be bringing him to a wedding reception next weekend

Oh forgot to mentioned we brought him to see angry birds on Friday. Was a spontaneous trip after work haha. He enjoyed laughing at the birdies until towards the end of the movie when he got a little restless when there were too much piggies lol

The only picture taken with the beautiful bride last night hehe. Cos we were too busy entertaining other ppls kids lol

This fella today. Can't wait to stuff in his cheesy mac. Happy 20 months old munchkin #pleasedontgrowuptoofast

When I asked him to do a sleeping pose lol

Today he found the courage to climb the slide and slide down himself 👏🏻👏🏻 Normally I have to do it for him but he doesn't really like it that much. Maybe it helps there were some mei meis around he had to show off abit lol

It was also funny to notice that whenever the little girl dropped the legos onto the floor he would dash there and pick up every pieces lol. A few times. He normally does not have this habit unless I asked him to cos he's the one creating all the mess at home lol