20 Jun

Yesterday. All set to leave for taiping since we were attending a wedding dinner in Ipoh later. This little guy was rushing us he kept wanting to walk to the lift alone 😬

Wefie in the car

Lunch time at our fav kakak restaurant. Here not letting daddy eat his noodles in peace hehe

We had some free time after lunch so we went to spritzer Eco park to lepak. Someone kept playing mini golf with one hand. But he scored several times leh don't play play haha

Posing with his red stick 😍😍

Us at the wedding yesterday. So happy for our Uni fren to have finally found her lifetime soulmate 😘😘

Our table. It was nice catching up and I love your new cam @broughtup2share hehe make my fingers itchy nia 😁😁😁

This Aunty was busy bribing all babies with marshmallows to make them like her lol @busymommy

Really not easy to get both Javier and Nate to look at the camera the same time. Especially when there were some chocolate negotiation going on lol

Ok I will give em all to you. Will just order my daddy to get more for me from the dessert table

U want balloons too?? I plucked them from the reception table πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Uni mates

This morning's situation. Dragging ahkong everywhere to see birds, rabbits and doggies. He even wanted to jump into the longkang to see fish πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

The kepochi trying to help with the trolley bag. Went back to parents house for a short while. In that short 3 hours he managed to break yee yee's bottle of supplement and break ahma's specs 😱😱 gotta toddler-proof everything ady haha

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