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30 Jun

I have the most annoying husband ever argh! Asked him to change out of his tshirt cos we just came back from two hospitals and god knows what germs are sticking to this shirt. He just refused he is even worse to educate than Javier grrrr. And I just washed the bedsheet yesterday ok!

On another note finally got to see baby's face:) I think she does look a little like Javier but on the less chubby side. Javier around this time had very puffed up cheeks if I remembered correctly hehe. I think cos my appetite wasn't that great this time round? Feeling a little nervous d since the number of weeks till Edd are in single digit now 😬😬😬😬

I even asked my gynae if my excessive cough will harm my baby or puncture my amniotic bag😂😂 He reassured me it won't with a laugh I'm sure my question will make it to his book of stupid questions lol.

Was watching White House down with this guy and found him in this state after half an hour 😂😂😂 He was probably bored with all the shootings lol

This cheeky fella at the hospital cafeteria earlier. He chose yoghurt icecream over seeing his meimei on the ultrasound 😂😂