Archive | June, 2016
17 Jun

Such a mengfedupkan day! Some people really speak like they don't have parents to educate them. So mean! And rude!

Breathe in breathe out. This type of people do not deserve my anger. Or any emotions from me for that matter. I have always believed in karma. These people will get what they deserve one day🙏🏻🙏🏻

I'm preparing the little King how to be the perfect boyfriend in the future hehe. First place to start; SALES hehe

12 Jun

Another rare made up face yesterday cos attending an old friend's wedding.

No this little guy was not dressed up cos gonna chuck him at grandmas house hehe. Wanted to enjoy my food since will be bringing him to a wedding reception next weekend

Oh forgot to mentioned we brought him to see angry birds on Friday. Was a spontaneous trip after work haha. He enjoyed laughing at the birdies until towards the end of the movie when he got a little restless when there were too much piggies lol

The only picture taken with the beautiful bride last night hehe. Cos we were too busy entertaining other ppls kids lol

This fella today. Can't wait to stuff in his cheesy mac. Happy 20 months old munchkin #pleasedontgrowuptoofast

When I asked him to do a sleeping pose lol

Today he found the courage to climb the slide and slide down himself 👏🏻👏🏻 Normally I have to do it for him but he doesn't really like it that much. Maybe it helps there were some mei meis around he had to show off abit lol

It was also funny to notice that whenever the little girl dropped the legos onto the floor he would dash there and pick up every pieces lol. A few times. He normally does not have this habit unless I asked him to cos he's the one creating all the mess at home lol

9 Jun

So many stuffs decided to die on me these few days. First I had to cut the zip of my work bag open cos the zip couldn't budge either way despite my staffs all geared up to help me with screwdrivers and pliers. Had to slice the bag open otherwise I would not be able to go home cos my car keys were inside.

Then when I got home mom told my the entire spin thingy at the base of my washing machine came up and was floating with my load. Yikes. Thank god hubs found a way to screw it back if not 💸

Then my external hard disk decided to join the gang too. Was about to transfer my pics to backup and realized that the external hdd cannot be detected. Damn panic cos I have like 47473829499494 photos and memories in it. Aih should have bought another hdd to backup this hdd. But thank god I made photobooks and developed most of little king's pics cos I don't really trust technology very much.

Huge ass bak chang for my dinner 😋😋😋 keeps all the annoyance I had earlier at bay

I love it when there is a huge ass salted egg yolk in it. Major yums !!😋😋

Someone was excited cos he gets to tag along to see his little sibling. But when the dr off the lights during the scan he got terrified lol

Found his unused pacifier since infant and decided he wants to be a baby 😂😂

Someone seriously needs to get some grooming haha cannot see eye d 😂

6 Jun

Pardon the mess.. Yummy rojak with my fav tapah guavas hehe

Teatime with my fav avocado egg toast

Was browsing through my dslr and found this pic of the little King and grandpa which I love haha 😍

5 Jun

Cos my hair decided to behave today. Well, kinda 🙂

Brekkie time @ antipodean

My hearty big breakfast 😋😋

Met up with sil and my cheeky niece. The kids couldn't stop grabbing each other's stickers and what nots 😂😂 #myfuturelife

Giving gugu a lil lovin 😘😘

Busy busy coloring at the angry birds booth

Time to say byebye m. Javier givin his cuz sister some goodbye love hehe

Someone busy sayang-ing ah kong during dinner earlier 😂😂

4 Jun

One of my very rare makeup face days cos it's my sister's big day after almost two years lol

Someone's got a little pressie for his yee yee

Pardon me for the double chin this fella was trying to kiss me here 😘😘😘😘

The happy graduate (finally) lol

Someone very or lor here. Cos he was asleep when I forcefully woke him up for dinner or else every shop in midvalley gonna have a long queue outside during peak hour

Post dinner activity. He was dragging this bag of balls everywhere hoping I will take it and pay for him lol

Trying to dissemble every piece from the wall 😂

Tried on this ride other kids left behind he didn't use the wheels instead he was galloping on it lol

Then he forced me to buy him this. #shopaholicinthemaking

And this

3 Jun

Such a tiring day today. Worked half day then pia to kl to attend my sister's convocation tmr. Didn't help that my sore throat persisted for about a week ady huhu

Dinner was really awesome though. Yum yum in the tum tum 😋😋😋😋


There was also some angry bird exhibition going on which got him super excited. He had to pat EVERY single bird 😏😏😏

He didn't want to come out of this bucket lol 😓