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31 Aug

Someone was very excited cos meimei is finally back!! And of cos mummy and daddy too hehe. I hope his affection for his meimei won't be temporary *fingers crossed*

Spending some time with the little King while meimei is in snoozeland. Here he is trying to fix his fav set of puzzles. He's been sooo excited since we came back he kept bringing all his toys and books to us and show us stuffs he learnt over these few days. So funny hehe 😍

Kisses for his little sister 😘😘😘😘

30 Aug

This little bat girl gotta kena panggang for another day. Serum bilirubin has not gone down sufficiently enough yet hopefully all will be ok tmr! 🙏🏻🙏🏻

Missing this cheeky fella 😔😔

29 Aug

Pumping for the little princess cos she had to do phototherapy for a day. Hope the nurse managed to settle her cos she was totally inconsolable each time they strip her naked.

My birthing story

25th August was my scheduled appointment with the gynae. We went in and he found that I was already 4cm dilated and baby was estimated to be on the chubbier side cos she was already 3.7kg according to the scan.

He persuaded me to get induced so that baby would not grow even bigger which may end up me having emergency c-sec in case the shoulders get stucked halfway and baby is too high inside to be vacuumed out.

The moment he mentioned the word 'induce' all I thought of was the deadly pitocin which made the whole labour pain super unbearable with Javier. And for many hours sumore. So I said thank you nevermind I don't feel any contraction or labour signs yet and I will be back when I feel any of the symptoms.

Went home and ate all the ice creams and laksa for lunch and went ahead to nap. Then suddenly in the evening I felt period cramps every 15 mins or so.

Called hubby home from work to bring me to the hospital. Part of me is glad that I no longer have to decide if I made the right choice not wanting to get induced cos shitz is getting real. We are gonna meet our daughter on the same day after all haha.

I got admitted around 6 plus, saw my gynae (he must be thinking, sigh have to OT liao lol). If I kuai kuai took his suggestion in the morning I would have given birth at that time and he can balik rumah d hehe.

He then proceeded to break my amniotic fluid to speed up labor and to intensify the contractions. I was already 5cm dilated when I reached the hospital. The midwife was like, he let u leave this morning with 4cm dilation? Haha well, can't tell her I need to eat my last bowl of laksa before confinement ma lol

One after after water was broken the pain intensified, but since I was not quite there yet they decided to give me the dreaded pitocin 😭😭

But half an hour after the administration of pitocin I felt the urge to push d! He midwife was like hang in there! The dr is not back yet! Haha thankfully he made it just in time when I really needed to push lil jolee out.

5 mins into iv pitocin I asked the nurse is it too late for epidural? Haha. They didn't take me seriously cos I was already blabbering nonsense and getting drowsy from pethidine they gave me earlier.

One thing I'm thankful for was that labor this time was much quicker compared to Javier's. Everything happened in about 3 hours. But I had episiotomy anyways cos baby's shoulder was a lil stucked kesian she had little bruise on both her arms.

When I saw little jolee I thought my love will just divide between her and Javier. But then I think my heart just grew bigger to accommodate the both of them 😍😍😘😘😘 The daddy was like, now I am third place d lor 😂😂😂

28 Aug

Can't believed I survived whole day today with just 3 hours of sleep last night.

Jolee pooped three times in between waking up for feeding but the hubs as usual was oblivious to her cries huhu 😔

Though I would be able to get some sleep this evening then hubs can take over the kids. But he disappeared for good half day when my mom sent him out to get some household stuffs. He probably did his shopping in Ipoh kut. Or having happy hour somewhere else.

He definitely gonna come home feeling tired and crash the whole night away again aih. My eyes are like 😑😑😑 already hope baby won't be cranky again tonight

Today's whole evening situation. Entertaining two precious with my eyes half closed lol.


Here giving his sister a quick peck before running off in shyness I Dono why 😂

27 Aug

Little jolee met her greatgrandma for the first time yesterday 😘

Grandparents came all the way from taiping to see their new grand daughter for a short while too. Here she was wailing her lungs out cos she was hungry ehhe

This was hubby's bed for the past two nights. Not bad it must be so comfy he could snooze so well hehe

Her mabuk susu face lol. Bonnet was tad too big for her even though it is stated 0-3 mo. Paeds came and told us her jaundice level is 173 and we had to go back in two days to recheck sigh. Hope she doesn't have to kena panggang like her big brother. And her blood is also AB- just like Javier. They both have the rarest form of blood group good thing both can accompany each other lor.

This peace only lasted for 5 mins before meimei woke up crying cos she pangsai haha

Both asleep for now counting down until one of them wakes up again lol

25 Aug

So last month when mummy was admitted for preterm labour, she jokingly asked me to wait till at least until her payday, when she feels rich then only I can come out.

So here I am. I listened to her and came out last night. On her payday 😁😁

New love of my life 😘😘😘😘

Guess who came to visit meimei. He just ignored and didn't want to touch her 😂

24 Aug

When you have a husband like mine, there is no such thing as lying down when you don't feel too well after work cos once you open your eyes you have to get your ass to work even way pass midnight 😓

I was having bad tummy ache whole night due to probably some stale soya drink so I had to lie down and tried to sleep it off hoping it's not labour contractions 🙏🏻

All hubs had to do was just to babysit his son. More like YouTube babysat for him the whole night while he was watching some movie on tv

Hubs was asleep, I felt better and woke up to what seemed like a tornado hit the living room. Javier's toys were strewn everywhere, dog wasn't fed, the kettle was a dry well, leftover dinner still on table and the soya bean drink which he complained was stale was still sitting on the counter 😱

So obviously I would have to drag my ass and start cleaning aih. Well, the midnight maid have to do her magic what to do cos she is terrified of cockroaches 😔.

I cannot imagine how confinement would be sigh cos my mom will be doing it for me. I was supposed to hire a day maid eod to help my mom out but the agent was short staffed recently so she could only come in once a week.

So my mom will be relying a lot on hubs with household chores while she tend to me, Javier and the baby later. I so can imagine her getting pissed off at him all the time for his esok lusa attitude I'm sure my ears would be very sore wo de tian ah

39+2 weeks

Went for my check up today and dr found that i was already 4cm dilated. Baby is estimated to be 3.7kg already. He advised me to get induced in case the shoulder gets stuck during delivery. I went home anyway and spamming all the laksa and pineapple hoping that I can dilate even more naturally without pitocin. Cos getting induced is bloody bloody painful 😱😱😱

I wish to get labour contractions soon or any signs so I'm more willing to surrender myself to the hospital haha. With Javier I remembered 4 cm dilation already gave me painful period pains. This time still nothing much except the occasional tightenings. Just 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 I don't have to go into emergency csec 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻