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3 Sep

Hello it's 5am. Time to wake up and start the day mummy 😜

Another fav part of confinement; black vinegar pig trotter. Collagen come to mama! 😋😋

3 Sep

What happens when ur toddler selfies with your phone 😂😂

Just spending some time with the little King while meimei is napping.

Eating his fav banana. Why so sexy boy? 😂😂

No eod maid got underage maid pun jadilah lol 😂

Busy busy helping my mom with baby's laundry

Poor fella fell off the chair he was standing and knock himself against the corner of the sliding door. Thank goodness it wasn't a deep gash but initially there was blood all over so I panicked aih. And I saw him losing his balance and fell but couldn't run over asap to save him cos I was nursing meimei sometimes I wish I can grow another pair of limbs 😔😔😔

I hope some cleaning and antibiotic cream will do for now.

My morning situation earlier today. Just had time to wifi the pics from my camera to phone hehe

Tried another loose corsage on her head haha. Can see the white of her eyes still yellowish poor girl still jaundiced. Gotta prick her heel again tmr kesian 😔