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17 Sep

Both of them before bedtime earlier

Little King enjoying his economy ckt for brekkie. Love rainy mornings

Choc milk to finish off his two course meal πŸ˜‚

Project shave jolee's hair today! Wanted to go to the hairdressers place initially but hubs couldn't find time to bring her there cos he's been working everyday. So he shaved her using his new razor. Took a lil longer than expected cos short hair kept getting stuck between the blades and we also used shaving foam to make the process faster.

I think she looks like a little nun now kekekek

Today is Mickey kinda day πŸ˜€

Princess was very happy today cos greatgrandaunt came and carried her whole evening

Meanwhile, little King just finish his mini post sleep tantrum hereπŸ˜‚

Plain waffles for the little King and Nutella for me. Yums!