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25 Sep

Ahhh feels so good to be back to my king size bed. It was no easy feat squeezing 4 humans on a queen sized back in taiping. I had to keep waking up to check that none of us accidentally slept on jolee or our comforter didn't cover her and the stupid springy mattress didn't do any good to my back too 😂 Sendiri cari pasal cos we just cincaily bought the whole room furniture set for the wedding since we hardly go back anyways. #kiamsiap

Selfie with the princess while balik kampung the other day. Doesn't look too impressed hehe

Reached in laws place and the first thing the little King wanted was to see ah-bit (rabbit) and fishes haha. Anything as long as he doesn't reject grandpa since it's been awhile the last time he saw him

During jolee's fullmoon dinner. With my sil and her princess here. Gosh I look like a giant next to her haha

Meanwhile little King was busy bullying grandpa 😂

Then he spent the rest of the night running after cuz sis cos he wanted to pull her hair lol

Both having some serious conversation

This fella was an energizer bunny while night 😂

See what I mean 😂

Quite obvious he doesn't really fancy small kiddos that much haha

Finally one proper pic of everyone !

He prefers big kids haha. Coz cousin sis here can bring him around on her bicycle 😀 Macam romantic sangat haha

Us and the kiddos. Missing lil Abigail here

Had my fav apong balik before heading home. Love the thin and crispy kind . 10 pieces for 2.50 only damn cheap hehe

Went home and cooked banana and nectarine with rolled oats for the little King since he had so much nonsense over the weekend. Grandpa even fed him with coffee while hubs just looked on 😓 Thank god my bil came to the rescue and ask his dad not to feed kids with coffee haha.

Went out on my own to do some grocery shopping but took a little detour to sephora cos hand itchy want to spend money lol

Love this nude palette so much. Tried on my hands and the colors are very pigmented. Now I don't have to steal my sister's naked 2 palette for functions d haha

Amongst the many nonsense I bought lol. Really like keluar penjara lol😂

Mom went out and left me with the two critters for few hours. Jolee was screaming and refused to be put down at all while little King was tantruming and threw all his color pencils on the floor cos I refused to draw him
fishes. Really 😱 while little King tantrums, the princess finds it hard to fall asleep so she continues screaming and the cycle continues *pulls hair*

Then I scolded little King, ' you naughty boy, mummy don wan you ady'. ' keep disturbing meimei'

He then came to me while I was nursing little princess, and said ' ai mama ' repeatedly, climbed up the bed, then said ' kiss mama' before planting a wet sloppy kiss on my cheeks 😍😍😍😍 Beh tahan nia haha

How to be angry u tell me?