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1 Oct

I just lost it earlier. Shouted and scolded the little King for being so difficult today, tears and all 😓. He couldn't stop disturbing his meimei so she woke up several times crying I was running back and forth from the kitchen like crazy woman. Then during lunch, he developed this habit of spitting food out of his mouth if he doesn't like it. The mess is 😱 It didn't help that I woke up this morning feeling annoyed at hubs cos he didn't bother doing 3 simple tasks he agreed to before sleeping 😡

Then in the midst of scolding the little King, he placed his hands on the sofa with his head faced down on them. Then I ignored him thought he needed sometime to feel guilty and all. After 10 mins or so, when I went over to call him, it turned out that he fell asleep!

My scoldings iz like lullaby isit? 😂😂

Thank god in the midst of all the chaos, I managed to whip myself up a decent lunch. That should compensate for everything hehe

And yummy choc cake my collegues brought me yesterday. No one can go wrong with ice cream and choc cake right? 😋

This cheeky fella keep jio me to play hide and seek whole noon sibeh tired haha


Do you think I have the most annoying brother in the world ? Haha