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6 Oct

So fast midnight d I feel like my day just started haha. Cooked lunch today and this is my clear fridge spaghetti 😆

Love this new top I bought him so went around and took some photos around the condo.Weather was cloudy and perfect for portraits cos there won't be shadows 👍🏻. I don't know how photographers in children photography does it lol. I felt like I did cardio even if it was just a short while. Little King kept plucking leaves and threw into the swimming pool cos he say he wana feed fish 😂😂😂😂 so I was running after him all the time 😅

Another one of my fav 😍

He looks like a big boy here *cries a river* where is my baby????

Brought him to the playroom in the evening. He is now fearless of the slide but commanded 'mama catch' so I had to stay at the bottom with my arms outstretched 😂 all the time

Someone not very fond of the see saw ahah

I slapped little King on his cheek today! Was nursing the princess then he decided to be playful and threw his stainless steel cup towards us. And hit real hard on my lips they are slightly swollen now. The pain was so acute I just reacted by slapping him. He cried a little while manja-ly and snuggled on me 😞😞 #guiltymom But thank goodness the cup hit me instead of the baby 😬

Tantrum in the evening cos he insisted that he wanted to wear his shoes in the house. Prelude to terrible two huhuhu

This fella be like ' what's all the commotion???!'

See I told u hubs is the cincai snap kinda person 😓

We were brave to bring these two babies all the way to paragon haha. Wanted to let Javier see the Thomas and friends exhibition. And weekend is out of the question cos the place will be jam packed.

Dinner at rakuzen. Love love the sashimi salad 😋

Fresh sashimi come to mama!

Well this fella was more interested on the floor than the trains 😅😅😅😆

And was so happy running in and out of the maze. I think he will have better sense of direction than me cos he actually remembers the entry and exit after going in hehe

There was a huge screen with some balloon game so obviously no prize for guessing where we spent our quality 30 minutes lol

So ho mia not even two yo already tasted godiva ice cream. Ur laubu only ate 20 cents ice cream potong all the way till secondary school ok !

This little fella be like 'why these kids so childish ?' Trains nia ma cheh. I'm going in h&m blueks hehe

Oh happy 4 years ROMversary to us haha. We survived four years of marriage. Good thing for Facebook cos too many dates to remember d lol. No more romantic dinners more like poopy and puke covered dinner instead 😂😂